New Semester

The spring semester is officially on! I am actually kind of looking forward to this semester, now that I have attended each of my classes. I was absolutely dreading it from the moment last semester ended up until my first classes yesterday and this morning.

So far very little hair pulling! I can’t even pinpoint an exact moment in my memory. No long sessions, no stress, no depression. So far, so good! Hopefully this will continue.

I am considering transferring to a school back home, so that might be part of why I am feeling better about it. I am not sure where God is calling me right now. Last semester was definitely my worst and I don’t want to go through all of that again. I never want to feel that low again. Hopefully this new year and new semester will bring new opportunities, new highs, and new happiness.


Can I love you?

I recently reblogged a post titled “What It’s Like to Be In Love When You Have Depression“. It opens with “No one will love you until you learn to love yourself.”

I’ve never heard this before, but what I immediately thought of is something I’ve heard quite a lot: “You can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself.” How can I love someone if I can’t even begin to like myself?

This is a terrifying thought to have, and can be debilitating, and can even destroy relationships.

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