Una Persona que Admiro

Admiro y respeto al padre de mi novio. Se llama John, pero yo lo llamo Mr. Walker. Lo conozco desde hace muchos años y que se preocupa por mí como si yo fuera uno de sus propios hijos. Su lema es siempre reír. Él reye más que nadie conozco. Tiene un buen humor y muchas historias que siempre diga. Tiene muchas experiencias y es muy comprensivo y paciente. Ha superado muchas cosas y todavía continúa trabajando duro para mantener a su familia. A menudo él trabaja diez o doce horas en un día. No es egoísta nunca. Sus gestos de bondad son cuando prepara comida. Le gusta mucho cocinar a otros. Se emociona cuando puede cocinar para amigos y familia. Él es muy orgulloso de sus hijos y siempre se los disculpa cuando se equivocan. Él le encanta música mucho, a también su hijo, mi novio. Los dos le gusta cantar juntos. Los dos son mejores amigos. Me gusta mucho pasar tiempo con los dos de ellos. Ellos son dos personas que siempre puedo confiar. Algún día espero casarme con mi novio y se convierten en una parte de su familia. También admiro y adoro mi novio. Él no es egoísta nunca y hace muchos sacrificios por mí. Es muy simpático, comprensivo, educado, maduro, cariñoso, humilde, y fiel. Sé juntos podemos superar algo y todo. Casi nunca discutir y él siempre me disculpa. Él es muy talentoso pero humilde. Él siempre me puede hacer reír y me encanta pasar tiempo con él.


Pope Francis to visit the U.S. for the first time next fall


(ROME) — Pope Francis is to make his first trip to the United States as the head of the Catholic Church in September, the Vatican said Monday.

He will travel to the World Meeting of the Families, said Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi. The Catholic public event, which celebrates the family as the basic building block of society, is to be held in Philadelphia next year.

“It is the answer to the countless prayers of so many people who have asked God to guide Pope Francis to Philadelphia, the culmination of many months of hopeful anticipation, and the fulfillment of my own confidence that the Holy Father would grace us with his presence next year,” Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput said in a statement.

At a news conference, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter heralded the occasion as “something truly to be excited about.”

“Pope Francis has demonstrated grace, vision and wisdom…

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Crazy Hot Sex

Mom Life Now


To my dear daughter,

As you grow, many boys will enter your years. They will speak words of love and passion, of wanting you–all of you.

Their sex will be lacking.

Believe me, dear girl, I know what crazy hot lovemaking is made of. Until the boy can assure you of the following, it is not true passion.

If he can patiently wait for over three years. From pregnant to nursing to pregnant to nursing, with your hormones fierce, and desire often dead. “Please, just let me sleep. I am so tired.” will be your common response. Until he can love you still, choose you still, it is not true passion.

If He can call you beautiful when even your feet are swollen from baby belly. Call you sexy when your legs run thick with varicose veins from the same. Call you perfect after your belly hangs loose with skin…

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Vocal Fold Paralysis

As a Communication Disorders major, I am currently taking a required class on the anatomy and physiology of the speech mechanism. For that class, I recently had to write a research paper on a voice or swallowing disorder. The topic I chose was vocal fold paralysis. I decided to share my work with everyone here. If you use any of the information in my paper for any reason, I would really appreciate being credited. Thanks! I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments!

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A (Short) Word on Underage Drinking

In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21 years old. I personally believe that is a fine age for it. At 18, many people are still in high school. At 21, one might still not know what they are doing with their lives, but at least by this point they are likely in college, possibly working, and making important life decisions. The adult brain is more developed. We’ve experienced more. Of course, this makes underage drinking in college easier and more likely to happen, but I don’t think underage drinking is unavoidable, no matter what age your set the limit at.

I personally don’t see the point in underage drinking. Alcohol isn’t necessary to have a good time. I can see why people enjoy having a drink with their friends; it can taste good, it can help you loosen up if you’re stressed, it’s a social norm and just part of having a good time. It makes sense, and I’m sure when I turn 21, I will take part. But I will not beforehand, nor will I drink to the point of blacking out, passing out, etc. I want to have a good time, but isn’t the point of that being able to remember it?

Anyway, I could go on and on about all of this. I am writing a bit about it because my boyfriend’s sister’s boyfriend (not confusing, right?) was in a very bad accident last night due to underage drinking. He and some friends had decided to steal some alcohol, then take that alcohol to the roof of their high school to drink it. One bad idea after another lead the young man to decide to sit on a skylight on the roof, which didn’t support his weight. He fell through it and landed on the hard tile floor below. He is currently in the hospital, in the ICU, on oxygen. He has been responding to questions by moving his fingers, because he isn’t really able to do much else.

I’m writing this because if there are any young readers out there that see this, I want them to think twice about illegally drinking. I also want everyone out there to think twice about how much they are drinking, who they are with, and what they are doing. Alcohol is an incredibly dangerous substance. It can cause one with depression to feel more depressed, it can cause poisoning, and it can cause incredibly bad decision making.

I also want to ask anyone that reads this to please pray for the young man in the hospital and his family and for my boyfriend’s younger sister. This is a very hard time for everyone. Thank you, and please share this story with anyone you believe needs to hear it.

Not Just About Trich

I started this blog as a way to sort of anonymously talk about my trichotillomania without fear of judgement, but rather with the hope of finding support and understanding (which I have). This blog isn’t only for that, though. I want it to be about my life. A place I can come to when I need to vent, have ideas, or just want to write about something. It will mostly be about my life with trich, as it is something that affects basically all aspects of my life at all times, but it will be about other things, too. Sometimes I have really strong opinions that I want the world to hear, so I will come to post them here. Sometimes I’ll have a really bad day of pulling, and I might write about that here, too.

I hope to create connections with some of my followers and to gain more as time goes on. I want to talk with people and I want to write about things that will interest others. I know I don’t write very often, but I would like to. As a full time college student, this blog tends to get put off to the side sometimes. I am going to try to start posting at least once a week (even if that means just queuing some posts sometimes). I appreciate all of my followers very much and I am really enjoying having this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads me as time goes on.